Progetto Italiano Junior

Progetto Italiano Junior is the first of 3 volumes of a course designed for students pre–adolescents and adolescents (11-16 years) as beginners or false beginners.

Progetto Italiano Junior is not merely a copy of Nuovo Progetto Italiano… Although it is based on its structure, this course designed for younger learners and respects the learning needs of this age group. each unit contains a comic story that develops the topic of the unit and tells the story of five young players who accompany the students in the three volumes of this language course. Progetto Italiano Junior addresses issues and themes that are familiar to students by exposing them to everyday language and socio–cultural Italian presented through exciting stories in comics. The characters are 5 Italian children, with whom students can identify because they have the same interests, face the same problems, have their own issues and experiences—all seen with realism and the necessary dose of humor.


  • 6 units—each of which is divided into two sub–units for a more gradual learning experience
  • a balance between communicative and grammatical elements introduced in easy–to–understand lessons
  • The sections on Italian civilization are entirely new, lighter and structured as a youth magazine, with news and information on aspects of the Italian most affecting adolescents
  • The exercises are new, the Quaderno section is in color and includes an exercise in phonetic units
  • The contents of the units (parties, music, school, friends, technology, etc…) are adapted to the new and young audience at which it is addressed
  • Communicative functions and colloquial expressions in the dialogues are repeated by specific re–use
  • a the end of each unit “Progettiamo!” invites students to put into practice what is learned
  • There are quizzes and games to explore issues and aspects of the lives of young people and to enhance and reuse frequently used vocabulary
  • a full grammar appendix at the end of each volume addresses all aspects of studied grammar

(Levels 2 and 3 are forthcoming)

Student Book, Workbook & Audio CD – $33.60