Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Pronouns and Prepositions

The only way to build your skills in a second language is to practice, practice, practice! Following the successful Practice Makes Perfect approach, this book gives you the clear explanations and all the tools you need to learn Italian pronouns and prepositions. A valuable resource for beginning to intermediate level Italian learners, this edition of Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Pronouns and Prepositions enables you to:

  • Successfully grasp Italian pronoun and preposition usage
  • Review and compare different types of pronouns and prepositions
  • Build your language skills with dozens of exercises and an answer key
  • Firm up your knowledge with a new end-of-book review

With the help of many everyday samples, this book takes the mystery out of pronouns and prepositions and gets you on your way to communicating in Italian with confidence!

Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Italian Grammar – $15.88