Ascolto (Primo, Medio, Avanzato)

Primo Ascolto is the first level of a course designed to develop listening comprehension skills in Italian. It contains 40 texts, the last 10 of which are authentic. Ascolto Medio and Ascolto Avanzato use authentic materials from Italian radio and television broadcasts. Thanks to their modern language, original activities and the vast use of photo material, these books are ideal for students of all ages. Each text is accompanied by two comprehension exercises and covers a variety of topics, situations and communicative functions.

Primo Ascolto is designed for beginners, false beginners and intermediate level learners Ascolto Medio is designed for upper intermediate-level, while Ascolto Avanzato is for advanced level. Each is accompanied by a 60-minute audio CD and a complete teacher’s guide.

Primo Ascolto Book & Audio CD – $32.00

Ascolto Medio Student Book & Audio CD – $32.00

Ascolto Avanzato Book & Audio CD – $32.00