Italian Institute

Live and Dream the Genuine Italian Experience



People say that Italians sing when they speak. Learn the most musical of all romance languages… Italiano! We offer online courses for all ages and levels, catering to your specific goals.



Thinking Italy? You dream it, we take you! Discovery Italy with the real experts. Whether you choose to travel on your own or with a group, we will tailor your trip with memories to treasure.



Italian Dual Citizenship means freedom; possibilities; safety; cultural belonging; establishing a firm identity with your Italian heritage; and many more opportunities.

What People Are


“The Italian Institute team was fantastic to work with and very responsive to our needs. They are a lot of fun to work with and we felt we got good value for our money. When the time comes and we decide to go back to Italy, we will use the Italian Institute”.

Sue & Paul

“I’ve always wanted to learn and speak the Italian language. Italian Institute made it so easy to enroll and the instructor made thing easy to understand. I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned.”


“What a lovely trip we are having. Everything has worked out so well. Thank you so much for lining us up in these unique and wonderful places I think we should go out for lunch when we return and we can share our experiences with you. Grazie!”

Marc & Tavia

“My mother has told many stories about our family and their Italian roots. I thought it would be great to become a strong part of the Italian community by exploring dual citizenship. Italian Institute helped me make that a reality. Now I can share my culture with my family.”


“We are Very happy with the results and the assistance provided prior to and during our stay. It made our trip very enjoyable. It was comforting to know that the staff was keeping track of where we needed to be and making sure our needs were met. Thank you”.