Class Descriptions


The Italian Institute is pleased to offer three types of Italian language classes: 3-week long introductory classes (for first-time speakers), monthly conversational classes (for intermediate and advanced speakers), and the nine-week language courses that comprise our Italian Language Program (all levels). Learn more about the textbook we use, Allegro, in our program.

Monthly Classes

Italian for Travelers is an 8-hour, three-week course designed for beginner students who are specifically interested in acquiring basic communication skills before leaving for Italy. Students will learn many useful skills, including word pronunciation, meeting and greeting others, requesting information, ordering in a restaurant and asking for directions. The instructor will also impart key, culture-specific tips regarding everyday life in Italy (e.g. hours of operation, restaurant etiquette, tip expectations, etc.). All course materials are included in the price and will be provided to students the first day of class.

Monthly Conversational Classes are for intermediate and advanced-level students (level 103 and above) that already have a good foundation in the basic structure of the Italian language. This four-week class will provide students with the opportunity to apply and refine their Italian language skills through guided conversations centered around pre-established themes. Each week the various themes will allow students to incorporate new vocabulary while practicing a different verb tense (e.g. present, simple past, simple future and conditional) and improving their conversational abilities.

Italian Language Program

The Italian language Program is designed for students that are interested in continuing their study of the Italian language beyond the introductory level. The Program is comprised of nine sequential courses that are divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level is made up of three courses (01, 02, 03) and each course is comprised of 9 classes that meet once weekly. Cost of course material is not included and is approximately $48.00.

The teaching methodology of the Italian Language Program is based on the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This framework, which was developed through rigorous scientific research and consultation, is increasingly used as the basis of foreign language curricula and assessment in Europe and around the world.

In accordance with the CEFR, our Beginner level courses correspond with CEFR A1 level, the Intermediate level with the CEFR A2 level, and the Advanced with the CEFR B1 level.

For students that already have experience with the Italian language, we offer a short, placement exam to determine which of the 9 courses will be the most beneficial to them.

Course Policies

Please read our Course Policies for details regarding cancellation and rescheduling classes.